Thoyana Jorgadaul was the constable and served as village ruler of the town of Elmwood.[3][2][4]


Thoyana was a calm dwarf woman with a gray braided beard who tolerated no troublemakers in her village.[4]


With her piercing gray eyes and braided beard, Thoyana cuts quite an intimidating figure.
— Mendryll Belarod, The Moonsea[5]

The constable frequented the docks regularly keeping her eyes open and asking questions of all new strangers entering Elmwood.[6] In her free time, she loved pipe-smoking and other recreations, such as chess. When not minding the affairs of the town, Thoyana could be found at the Still Waters, a two-story inn.[1]


When she wandered the town, Thoyana wore no armor and carried only a club and a short sword tucked in her belt.[4] Hidden in a small chest in her house, Thoyana owned chainmail +4 and gauntlets of ogre power.[1]


Elmwood had an informal town council consisting of Thoyana, Alamarayne Moonray, a cleric of Selûne; and Ezril Treewarder, a druid of Eldath. The three were great friends and met once a week to discuss village business at the Still Waters.[5]


The constable of Elmwood was an ex-adventurer who retired in 1343 DR when she developed a respiratory disease from a subterranean fungi. She hated mushrooms with a passion and the best way to insult her was to offer her one.[6]





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