The Three Rivers Festhall,[note 1] also written as the Three-Rivers Festhall, was a large festhall located at the northeast of Yartar.[1][2][3]


The outside of the festhall was decorated with a bright multicolored sign. The name of the building was stitched into the sign.[2]


The Three Rivers Festhall was a very large building, and consisted of a main block and several back rooms. In order to access the main door of the building, one had to go down an alleyway that was surrounded by the side rooms of the hall itself.[2][3]


Posing as a regular festhall, this huge building was actually a secret base for the Kraken Society.[1] As such, it was filled with several captains and spies.[2]


It was constantly guarded, particularly by assassins and thieves.[1][2][3]


In 1358 DR, once the Heroes of Ascore had acquired the ring of reversal, they were assaulted by spies of the Kraken Society close by the tavern.[2]

After the Battle of Ascore later that year (where the Kraken Society suffered numerous losses), the festhall was converted into the "All New" Three-Rivers Festhall. From here on, it functioned as a tavern and a souvenir shop that sold items from the battle, and other Kraken items, were displayed within the festhall. Authentic items such as Kraken daggers, shields, and helmets could be purchased here.

Though the festhall seemed restored, one of the back rooms became occupied with spies from Triboar (who believed Yartar would attack them due to the meddling of the Zhentarim and their allies). Some spies of the Kraken Society were also known to still lurk here, but the building was no longer under Kraken control.[2][3]



  1. The festhall was named after the three rivers that the residents of Yartar fished: the Dessarin, the Surbrin, and the Laughingflow.


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