Three Trees Pass was a major pass between the Troll Mountains and the Giantspike Mountains in the Vast. The North Road ran through it to connect Kurth and King's Reach.[1][2][3]

Description[edit | edit source]

The pass was a long cleft between the two mountain ranges. It was rocky, dangerous, and desolate.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Three Trees Pass was named, obviously, for three great old pines that were all that lived in the bleak landscape, and which marked the height of the pass.[3] The name arose in conversation between two Sembian merchants who'd explored the dwarven-held lands of Vast (during the time of Roldilar, 610649 DR), as they sought a trade-route from the dwarven mines down to the River Vesper.[2]

To that end, the North Road was laid through Three Trees Pass, linking Kurth and King's Reach. Humans waged costly battles against the orcs of the mountains to control the pass, but were ultimately successful. The effort saved the last of the dwarves of Roldilar from being wiped out by the orcs at the fall of that kingdom.[3] In one seemingly impossible battle, allied forces of men and elves led by Arngor of the Oak fought against a horde of orcs within Three Trees Pass. Legend told that Arngor battled the commander of the orc army in single combat until the sun set and the land was shrouded in a bloody mist. Arngor defeated the orc commander but was mortally wounded himself, beyond the saving of any cleric or healer. His blood soaked into his plate armor, imbuing it with his noble courage and making it famous as the armor of the hart.[4]

Conflicts continued to be fought through the pass as human prospectors moved into the surrounding mountains and clashed with the orcs.[3]

Usage[edit | edit source]

During summer in the mid–14th century DR, traders from King's Reach and Kurth headed to the summit of the pass, where they made armed camps and sold supplies to miners working the nearby mountains. These included mining equipment, mules, food, and trapped chests. They also bought ores and nuggets. Once a month, prior to the goddess's disappearance in 1358 DR, a priest of Waukeen passed through to dispense healing for exorbitant prices.[3]

Due to the frequent orc attacks, no one lived in Three Trees Pass, nor built permanent structures.[3]

Rumors & Legends[edit | edit source]

Supposedly, caches of thousands of gold nuggets, bags of gold gravel, and gems were stashed all over the pass, suggesting it was one of the richest locales in Faerûn. However, anyone trying to find or dig up any of it would up be watched by human guards, dwarf miners, and orc raiders, and risked being attacked as soon as they found anything of worth.[3]

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