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Throwing axe.
Throwing axes1

Various throwing axe heads.

A throwing axe is a light, martial melee weapon of the axe family that can be used as a ranged weapon.[1]


A throwing axe is similar to a handaxe but lighter and balanced for throwing. The wooden haft is about one and a half feet (45cm) long[2] with a head like those shown here. The blade is single-edged with a plain back. An average throwing axe costs 8gp and weighs 2lbs (0.9kg).[3]


Classified as a light weapon, the throwing axe can be used while grappling. Some training is required to be able to hit a target with a throwing axe, therefore it is considered a martial weapon. Normal maximum range of a throwing axe is 50ft (15.2m).[4]


Gnome fighters often use throwing axes for both melee and ranged attacks.[5]

Notable throwing axesEdit

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