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Thrym was a titan[3] worshiped by the frost giants[1][3][2][4] as the giant god of cold and ice.[7][8] He was the de facto leader of the frost giants as well.[1][7]


Thrym ruled the realm of Fimbulwinter, with a stronghold and festhall known as Nyfholl. In the World Axis cosmology this was located in in the Elemental Chaos and described as a wide tundra illuminated by sparkling frozen waterfalls.[3][10]

In the World Tree cosmology his domain was located in the plane of Jotunheim. It was said to be mountainous, but still filled with snow, ice, frost, and glaciers. He was said to roam the mountains and glaciers of this plane, rather than maintaining a permanent residence.[11]

In the Great Wheel cosmology, instead of the domain of Fimbulwinter he co-ruled the entire plane of Jotunheim alongside his brother Surtur. Much like the World Tree cosmology, he was said to wander the plane with a company of giant jarls.[12]


Thrym appeared as an exceptionally large frost giant. He typically wore chainmail and a coat made of white fur.[1]


When not directly preparing for war, Thrym was known to be fairly aloof,[13] wandering his realm restlessly.[11]


Thrym could breathe a devastating cone of cold out to 100 ft (30 m) and was completely immune to cold- or ice-based attacks. Only highly magical weapons could even touch him enough to injure him. He often granted frost giants the ability to use arcane magic like a wizard.[7]


His signature weapon was a large double-bladed greataxe.[1][2][4][7]


At some point Thrym forged a magic warhammer by the name of Matalotok.[14]


Thrym was a son of Annam All-Father.[15]

Thyrm was known to have a rivalry with his twin, Surtur. Since birth, the two had competed to be the first at everything.[16]

At some point, Thrym fathered the Empyrean Nalkara with Auril, goddess of winter.[17]




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