Thrym was a titan[3] worshiped by the frost giants[1][3][2][4] as the giant god of cold and ice.[5][6] He was the de facto leader of the frost giants as well.[1][5]


Thrym ruled the realm of Fimbulwinter in the Elemental Chaos, described as a wide tundra illuminated by sparkling frozen waterfalls. His stronghold and festhall was called Nyfholl.[3] In earlier cosmological models, his realm was described as mountainous but still filled with snow, ice, frost, and glaciers.[7]


Thrym appeared as an exceptionally large frost giant. He typically wore chainmail and a coat made of white fur.[1]


When not directly preparing for war, Thrym was known to be fairly aloof,[8] wandering his realm restlessly.[7]


Thrym could breathe a devastating cone of cold out to 100 ft (30 m) and was completely immune to cold- or ice-based attacks. Only highly magical weapons could even touch him enough to injure him. He often granted frost giants the ability to use arcane magic like a wizard.[5]


His signature weapon was a large double-bladed greataxe.[1][2][4][5]


Thrym was a son of Annam All-Father.[9]

Thyrm was known to have a rivalry with his twin, Surtur. Since birth, the two had competed to be the first at everything.[10]



  • Thrym was borrowed from the Norse pantheon[1][5][6] and exists in both the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk campaign settings.[11]


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