Thuldanin was the second layer of Acheron. It contained the divine realms of Laduguer and Deep Duerra, according to the Great Wheel cosmology model.[2][3][4]


This layer was the Sargasso Sea, Elephants' graveyard, and scrap heap for countless contraptions, creations, weapons, armor, failed experiments, broken devices, fallen buildings, and shipwrecks of sea and air. The blocks of Thuldanin were hollow and pockmarked with pits that lead deep into the interior. There the flotsam and jetsam of the ages turned to stone in a matter of days or weeks because of the magic of this layer.[citation needed]


Thuldanin had no inhabitants, except for the duergar living in Hammergrim. Other than this, there was only the occasional visitor from Avalas looking for some piece of magic or technology that might turn the tide of battle.[5][6]

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