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“A few years ago, the dwarven people received the Thunder Blessing, and suddenly we can't stop making whelps... All of the dwarves except us - except the Duergar. Once again, the gray dwarves were cheated out of what every other dwarf benefited from. That seems to be our lot in life, though we don't deserve it. I expected no less.
— Justikar Stoneblood[2]

The Thunder Blessing, also known as the Thundering,[1] occurred in the Year of Thunder, 1306 DR, and was the dwarven god Moradin's gift to his people which dramatically increased the reproductive rate of dwarves.[3]


Moradin called a council of the dwarven pantheon to find a way to increase the number of dwarves. The council decided to split each existing soul into two when they were reincarnated.[4] After the Thunder Blessing most dwarven births were twins.[5][note 1]

In 1373 DR, Adnama Stoneblood, a duergar scholar and dreamer was researching the history of the dwarves, trying to find the reason for the grey dwarves' exclusion from the Thundering. He uncovered the possible offshoot of duergars inhabiting the lava-filled caverns under Thaymount and headed out to rejoin the grey dwarves to increase their dwindling population. He was slain during the expedition, prompting his brother, Justikar Stoneblood to resume the search on his own.[2]



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  1. The Grand History of the Realms says that nearly one in five dwarven births resulted in twins, either identical or fraternal, which is clearly not "most".