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The Thunder Cliffs formed a steep coast on the Sea of Swords. Locals named the Thunder Cliffs after the sound the sea made as it crashed into this high cliff.[1]


The Cliffs were located on the Sword Coast North midway between the Mere of Dead Men and the city of Neverwinter, just north of the Tower of Storms.[1]


A group of manticores lived on perches in the cliff face, as well as an invisible stalker summoned by the Cult of Talos. A huge giant crab lived underwater near the shore. At the base of the Thunder Cliffs was a cave system, the Thunder Cliff Caves. The caverns were only accessible by sea.[1]


Pirates, smugglers and legitimate sailors used to gather in the Thunder Cliff Caves to weather out coastal storms.[1]

In the late 15th century DR, the Cult of Talos chose the Thunder Cliffs as a center of operations in the region. The anchorites of Talos led by Gadrille the Reef-Reaver utilized magic to create perilous reefs in the region, which would destroy passing ships. The cultists kidnapped the crews, either sacrificing them to Talos or selling them as slaves. The debris was dragged into the caves and anything of value was salvaged and sold. The cult of Talos used the wealth gained from this heinous endeavor to finance agents along the Sword Coast and the High Road who tried to build shrines that would ultimately give the cult control of the region.[1]

Circa 1491 DR, the Thunder Cliff Caves were attacked from sea by a group of adventurers. They defeated Gadrille and her Talos cultists, putting an end to her operation.[1]



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