The Thunder Peaks were a range of mountains that ran in a north–south line, marking the eastern edge of Cormyr. The entire range was subject to extremely severe and sudden storms all year round. They were home to tribes of orcs and goblins that launched raids in nearby Cormyr, Sembia, and the Dalelands, and were also home to the dracolich Aurgloroasa, the Sibilant Shade. The Thunder Peaks once hosted the dwarven settlement of Thunderholme.[2]

The Thunder River flowed west out of the Thunder Peaks to the Wyvernwater. In Elven, the Thunder Peaks were called Airmbult, or translated into common, Storm-Fangs.[3]


The mountains had a number of unique species of plants including the turis[4] and kirin trees as well as Bowen's flowers.[5] The scent of the heavily aromatic ateris plants would blow down to the town of Tilverton with strong winds.[4]




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