The Thunderbeast tribe was a group of Uthgardt.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1370 DR, their chief was the charismatic Gundar Brontoskin, but he was replaced around 1372 DR by Sungar Wolfkiller.[citation needed] Late in the 15th century, the tribe arrived at Morgur's Mound for Runemeet to find it disinterred, missing the skeletons of the Thunderbeast and Morgur as well as the treasure buried within. Since they could no longer practice their traditions there their chieftain at the time, Grandthur, decided that the Thunderbeasts would meet the Elk tribe at Flint Rock. He left a guard to wait for the Gray Wolf tribe to return to Neverwinter Wood and ask them what had happened.[2] The chief that proceeded him, Harthhulk Hornspear, was a far more vicious man that led the tribe on a raid through the Surbrin Hills and the Dessarin Valley.[5]

Organization[edit | edit source]

Their ritual enemies were wolves.[4] They were known as the least barbaric of the Uthgardt, although they still did not practice agriculture.[4] They guarded the secret that thunderbeasts still lived deep in the High Forest.[2] Like other Uthgardt tribes, they hold their totemic spirit above all else, but over time they have grown tolerant of members worshiping other gods, in particular Ilmater, Silvanus, Torm, and Tyr.[6]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Thunderbeast's ancestor mound was Morgur's Mound, but they lived in the High Forest area.[4][2] They were also known to lurk and hunt within the forest of Lurkwood.[7]

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