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Thunderherders, otherwise known as ashworms, were a rare species of large worm-like creatures, distantly related to the more infamous purple worm.[1][2] Their name was derived from the approach of their herds eliciting a sound reminiscent of thunder.[1]


On average, the body of a thunderherder grew to be 3​ to ​5 feet (0.91​ to ​1.5 meters) wide and 5​ to ​10 feet (1.5​ to ​3 meters) in length.[2] Their bodies were covered in a thin layer of chitinous, pale purple plates. On one end of their body was a large, stinger.[1]


Unlike their cousin the purple worm, thunderherders were relatively non-aggressive creatures.[2]


Thunderherders secreted a substance from their bodies that allowed them to stick to vertical surfaces. Their large stinger was poisonous.[1]

Thunderherders could carry very heavy loads of supplies. A small load for them was roughly equal to and below 500 lb (230 kg), a medium load capped off at 900 lb (410 kg), and the heaviest load they could manage was 1,400 lb (640 kg). However, they were capable of dragging upwards of 6,900 lb (3,100 kg).[1]


When engaging a creature in combat, thunderherders would rise from the earth and coil themselves. They would then lash out with their large stinger.[1]


Though they could be found solitary or in small clusters of two to four,[1] these creatures primarily traveled in large herds either just a few feet below[2] or above the desert sand. These herds typically numbered around six to thirty individuals.[1]


Thunderherders were only known to be found within the deserts[2] or plains of warm regions.[1]

In the Realms, they were primarily known to inhabit the Raurin desert.[3]


The movement of their bodies typically caused tremors in the earth that would cause confusion above ground and panic pack animals. Even the movement of a single thunderherder could unleash small tremors in an area.[2]

Some creatures were known to capture and train thunderherders for use as mounts. When this was done, a trainer typically clipped off their dangerous stingers. They were often difficult to control in combat situations.[1]



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