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Thundertree was a small village in the plains east of Neverwinter on the edge of the Neverwinter Wood, standing around 1365 DR.[1] It was destroyed by 1451 DR.[3]


This small village supported itself by harvesting windfall timber and shipping it downriver to Neverwinter and beyond.[1][2] It was considered to be the source of some of the best timber from Neverwinter Wood.[1][4]

A ranger by the name of Ansal Bloodshoulder worked with the village's woodcutters to ensure that new trees were planted whenever timber was felled and checked that trees were carefully chosen. And this method of logging was begrudgingly approved by the elves that lived in Neverwinter Wood.[1]


By 1451 DR, Thundertree lay in overgrown ruins, with many of its stone houses lacking roofs and laying open to the elements, though some remained mostly intact. It was disturbingly quiet.[3]


Thundertree was once a community that prospered on the edges of the Neverwinter Woods.[3]

When traveling across the North in the mid-14th century DR, Volothamp Geddarm did not get a chance to properly visit the village and so only briefly discussed it in his guidebook, Volo's Guide to the North.[5]

However, when Mount Hotenow erupted in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed, 1451 DR, it devastated the small town.[3] In the wake of the disaster, ash zombies drove off any who survived the eruption.[2]

In 1479 DR, the Ashmadai leader Favria set up camp in the ruins of Thundertree, living within a ruined inn's underground wine cellar. From there she tracked activity in both Neverwinter and everywhere the Thayans employed their cult.[6]

By 1491 DR,[note 1] the zombies had crumbled to dust, but strange magic had turned the local flora into twig blights.[3]


By 1491 DR, no one inhabited the ruins of Thundertree, but for two exceptions:[3]

  • Reidoth was a gaunt, white-bearded human druid who visited the ruins of Thundertree from time to time, keeping any from wandering into the dangers that lurked within the ruins.[3]
  • Venomfang was a young green dragon who had taken the ruins of Thundertree as his own lair as of approximately 1490 DR. The Cult of the Dragon had followed the dragon and hoped to gain its alliance.[3]

Thundertree was also known as the home of Aribeth de Tylmarande in the mid–14th century DR.[7]



  1. Pages 30‒31 of Lost Mine of Phandelver describe the eruption of Mount Hotenow (1451 DR) as occurring "30 years ago", which would place the adventure in 1481 DR. However, pages 103 and 179 of Acquisitions Incorporated, a later source, state that the events described in the adventure happen five years after both Lost Mine of Phandelver and Princes of the Apocalypse. Since the latter is explicitly set in 1491 DR, and considering this answer by Ed Greenwood about dating the adventure, this wiki will use 1491 DR for events related to this sourcebook.