Tiamat's Lair was the divine realm and prison of Tiamat in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, according to the Great Wheel cosmology.[1][2]


The realm was a large cave system within a tall mountain, hidden in the hills of Avernus. It held the only known portal that led to the second layer, Dis.[1][2]

The caves were littered with Tiamat's own treasure hoard, which lay scattered on the floor throughout the complex.[1]


Tiamat's Lair was patrolled from the sky by numerous flights of dragons.[2]

The portal to Dis was guarded by Tiamat herself. She only let those who offered a worthy sacrifice through.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, a ritual performed at the behest of Severin Silrajin by a group of exiled Red Wizards of Thay with the help of Zariel brought Tiamat's Temple into the Well of Dragons in the Sunset Mountains, as part of an attempt to summon her to Toril.[3][4]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was unclear why Tiamat was imprisoned in Avernus. Some sages suggested that Tiamat was bound to the layer as a result of a powerful curse from a giant deity slain by her, at the time of the war between dragons and giants. Her confinement marked the end of that conflict, as well as the end of the dominance of giants and dragons in the Prime Material plane, opening the way for the dominance of humanoid civilization.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit


Tiamat was effectively a prisoner within the layer of Avernus. In a similar way to devils, Tiamat could not leave the plane of her own will, but instead only through a powerful summoning ritual.[2]

The lair was also inhabited by Tiamat's mates and their descendants.[1] The realm was generally avoided by demons, who were aware of Tiamat's lack of interest in the Blood War.[2] It was, however, occasionally visited by devils offering gifts, hoping to seal bargains with Tiamat.[1]





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