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Tiax was a wandering cleric of Cyric in the late 1360s DR.[1][2]


Not nearly as mad as his god, but insane nonetheless, Tiax claimed that Cyric had granted him visions of world domination and he made it his life's mission to fulfill those visions, attempting to create a worldwide theocracy in Cyric's name. He was not very successful in this endeavor, but it did not stop him from reminding everyone whom he met of his goal. Over and over again.[1]


He met with Gorion's Ward and party in Baldur's Gate in 1368 DR.[1]

He later traveled south to Amn, where he was captured by the Cowled Wizards as a "deviant" and was held in Spellhold in 1369 DR. When Gorion's Ward arrived in Spellhold, Tiax and the other inmates were released (he professed to only vaguely remember Gorion's Ward) in order to help attack the more powerful Irenicus. Tiax was killed in the ensuing spell-battle, his dying words claiming that death was but a minor inconvenience to his plans for ruling all.[2]





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