Tigbanua buso (pronounced: /tɪgbɑːnɑː bstig-ban-oo-ah boo-so[4]) were a race of malevolent and deadly creatures native to Kara-Tur.[1]


Tall and emaciated, tigbanua buso resembled ghouls. They had long necks, large feet and bony hands with sharp claws. They had depressed noses and thin hair, and their mouth was filled with sharp teeth. Their skin was pale and had the texture of leather. The most distinguishing feature of a tigbanua buso was its large eye in the center of its head.[1]


Any creature within 10 feet (3 meters) of a tigbanua buso experienced great fear. Tigbanua buso attacked at night, targeting lone humanoids. Their main weapons were their sharp claws and fangs. Tigbanua buso transmitted a terrible disease via their claws, and any humanoid struck by them who was infected and did not seek healing became tagamaling buso and would transform into a tigbanua buso.[1]


Tigbanua buso were found across Kara-Tur. They lived in small bands in cemeteries, rocky mountains and forests.[1]


Despite resembling ghouls, tigbanua buso were not undead. They were carnivorous, and their diet consisted of the flesh of any animal or humanoid. Meat from corpses found in graves were considered a prized delicacy among tigbanua buso.[1]


Although the origin of the tigbanua buso was unknown, scholars in Kara-Tur speculated they were once an advanced, peaceful race who dwelt in the southern region of Shou Lung.[1]

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Tigbanua are borrowed from Philippine mythology, where they are a race of dark spirits with one eye.


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