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Tigers were an uncommon species of large cat.[7][5]


Tigers were distinguished from other great cats by their orange fur and black stripes. Also, unlike other great cats, tigers were great swimmers.[7]

Tigers were excellent climbers and could jump long distances. They could jump 10 feet (3 meters) into the air and leap outward to ranges of 30​ to ​50 feet (9.1​ to ​15 meters).[5]



These creatures typically hunted in pairs or family groups.[5]


Tigers were a highly adaptable species, known to inhabit both tropical and subarctic forests across the Realms.[5][7]

In South Faerûn, they inhabited the Ajmer Forest and the Forest of Amtar.[9]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, like most mundane animals these creatures could be found in the Beastlands,[10] particularly on the layer of Brux.[11]


Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold tiger hides for 25 gp a piece.[12]


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