The Tiger's Nest was an ancient monastery located in the Hordelands.[1]


Built in the age of the Imaskari Empire, the Tiger's Nest was originally an independent monastery of monks who fought against the evils of that empire, aiding the peasants of Imaskar against their rulers with powerful cleric spells. Their actions caused them to become known as the Invisible Tigers among the people, and their hidden fortress was nicknamed the Tiger's Nest.[1]

After the fall of the empire, most left the fortress, though the few that remained furthered their powers to the point they could survive on faith alone, without having to eat or even breathe.[1]

As of 1359 DR, only five monks remained at the Tiger's Nest, offering knowledge to those on the path of good. Their odd existence prevented them from fighting themselves, else they would vanish.[1]

The remaining Tigers viewed the Raja of Solon, Ambuchar Devayam, as their greatest enemy, though could do little against him due to his powers.[1]


Built on the slopes of the A-Ling Shan, and across the Jumpa Chasm, the monastery was inaccessible beyond the use of magic.[1]



The Tiger's Nest may be named for Paro Taktsang, also called the Tiger's Nest, a cliff-side Buddhist monastery in Bhutan.


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