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Tilverton was located on the Moonsea Ride in the Stonelands in Cormyr.[3][4]


Located at the strategic mouth of Tilver's Gap, between the Thunder Peaks and the Desertsmouth Mountains,[3] Tilverton stood at the T intersection where the North Ride met the Moonsea Ride.[5] These roads led from the town to Arabel, via the Moonsea Ride and Shadowdale, via the North Ride.

Places of Interest[]



  • The Street of the Sorceress was a wide street inside Tilverton's east gate on the Moonsea Ride.[6] It turned south in a wide 'S' shape and from there went up the Tilver Stairs hillside into Old Town and then looped around down the Market Stairs, which stopped at the Market.[7]
  • Phorn's Lane was a small dead-end side street near the Flagon Held High.[6] It ran north of the Street of the Sorceress and past the Tilver Stairs toward Old Town.[7]


A map of Tilverton in 1358 DR.

By 1357 DR, the city had come under complete Cormyrean occupation.[8] In 1367 DR, the Rogues of Tilverton drove the agents of both the Zhentarim and the Dragon Cult out of Tilverton, to establish themselves as an outlaw force with which to be reckoned. Even a brief foray by the Fire Knives was repelled.[9] Animal pelt traders from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns did brisk business in Tilverton as of 1368 DR.[10]

The Destruction of Tilverton[]

On Mirtul 27 1372 DR, Tilverton was destroyed when it was attacked by the forces of Thultanthar.[11] All that was left of the town was a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness.[12]Though Tilverton is now destroyed and desolate, the city's walls rise high above the flat plain on which it once stood.[3] By 1479 DR, this area became known as the Tilverton Scar.[13]



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