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The Time sphere was a group of spells granted to monks that allowed manipulation of the flow of time and the effects of time.[1]

Spells in the Sphere of Time[]

Many spells were available to those who had chosen this sphere.[2][3]

Beginner spellcasters of this sphere could cast:

  • know age
  • know time

Novice divine spellcasters were able to cast:

  • hesitation
  • nap

Somewhat skilled spellcasters were able to cast:

  • accelerate healing
  • choose future
  • unfailing premonition

Intermediate divine casters had the ability to use:

Those with a high level of skill had access to:

Powerful spellcasters of such a sphere were able to cast:

Divine spellcasters who had mastered this sphere could cast:



  1. This spell was removed from the time sphere in the Player's Option: Spells & Magic sourcebook. See page 188. It was probably misclassified in the Tome of Magic 2nd edition (page 83) and should have been in the thought sphere.



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