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Ting Mei Wan was the Minister of State Security of Shou Lung.[1]


Ting Mei Wan was a ruthless and ambitious woman who possessed great charm. She trusted no one, including her mentor Ju-Hai Chou. She was fanatical to the extreme in her job.[1] In time she become power-hungry.[2]


Ting Mei Wan efficiently led the Secret Police Department, unveiling many rebels and traitors along the way. Around 1350 DR, the Minister of State, Ju-Hai Chou, appointed her as the new Minister of Security.[3]

In 1358 DR, Ting Mei Wan was completely caught off guard by events in Chu' Yuan province. She executed many of her local officers and relieved many others of their duties. Her goal was to kill anyone involved in the matter. Ting Mei Wan was disappointed by the Emperor's idea to hire an adventuring party, sensing this as an insult and a lack of faith in her abilities.[1]

Ting Mei Wan later sent spies to watch the adventuring party[4] and patrols with orders to arrest them based upon falsified accusations.[5]

In 1359-1360 during the Horde invasion Ting Mei Wan decided to secretly offered valuable information to the tuigan to gain political advantage. This permitted to the tuigan to broke the Dragonwall and defeated the War Minister Kwan Chan Sen at the Tsen-Ching, a tributary of the Sheng-Ti river. When the Emperor choose Batu Min Ho as new military leader she tried to gathered all informations about him in order to inform Yamun Khahan.[2]

However arise rumors of a spy inside the Mandarinate and at last Lady Wu, the wife of Batu, discovered her treason. Ting Mei Wan managed to kill Wu and her children, under falsified accusations to being her the spy.[2]

Meantime however Batu Min Ho also thank to the Tuigan spokesman Koja discovered the treason of Ting Mei Wan and when he went back to the court Batu showed to Emperor Kai Tsao Shou Chin a Tuigan document proving Ting Mei Wan's treason.[2]

Ting Mei Wan was quickly arrested and executed.[2]