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Tinnainen was a small city in Netheril that became occupied by the One King and his army.[1]


Tinnainen was on the edge of Netheril, about 20 leagues (97 km) east of Dalekeva.[1]

Geographical Features[]

The city was built upon an elevated flat surface, which was barren and had little signs of foliage. The city could be accessed via a long, rocky path that led to its front gates.[1]


Though small compared to the nearest city, Dalekeva, Tinnainen served as a hub for trading. Several communities from the surrounding mountains would come to buy and sell goods.[1]


Circa −700 DR, the One King took over Tinnainen and made it his headquarters. As the king had claimed he would unite the land, the next likely town to overtake was Dalekeva. Thus, delegates of the Beneficent Traders' Guild of Dalekeva visited Candlemas of Delia, to try and find a solution. After speaking with his mentor, Lady Polaris, who mentioned that an ancient tome was somewhere near Tinnainen, Candlemas came to the conclusion that the traders should confront the One King himself. He sent the barbarian, Sunbright Steelshanks, along with them, in hopes of finding the tome. The traders never made it to Tinnainen, though the half-elf Greenwillow, who was to travel to Tinnainen on order of the high elves of Cormanthyr, ventured on, with Sunbright joining her for the journey. However, once arriving and visiting the palace, Sunbright was arrested and thrown in a jail cell, and Greenwillow was taken captive.[1]

Sunbright was later set free on a task to acquire the tome, but for the One King instead of Candlemas. In doing so, he met with the dragon, Wrathburn, and convinced him that the One King wanted him dead. After being pointed to Tinnainen, the dragon flew to the city, burned the palace and many other parts of the city, and engaged in battle with the One King, who was revealed to be a lich. Wrathburn appeared to win the battle, and flew back to his cavern.[1]