Tintibulus was the third layer of Acheron. It was a mostly deserted expanse of loudly colliding boulders of different shapes and sizes, which often attracted magical researchers for its remoteness and isolation.[2][3][4]


Unlike the top layers of Avalas and Thuldanin, the blocks of Tintibulus were not exclusively shaped like cubes. Rather, regular solids of other shapes were often found floating in the layer, with eight- and twelve-sided blocks being common, although any number of sides was possible. The solids were composed of gray volcanic stone, coated with a layer of ash-like dust of varying depths.[2][3]

Collisions were frequent throughout the layer, carving hexagon-shaped crevices on the solids along naturally occurring fault lines[3] and breaking the solids up into smaller shapes.[4] Those collisions produced a constant ringing sound that could be loudly heard across the entire layer, in many cases impairing communication.[2]

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