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Tisan Balshareska, also known as Ninth of Nine, Sunderer of Dreams, She Who Turns the Wheel of Fate was perhaps the most powerful geomancer to ever walk the Land of Fate.[2]


Though Tisan could take any shape she wished, in her natural form she was a heavily muscled fair-skinned Zakharan who appeared to be in her late thirties. She wore her jet-black hair tied back in a single braid that almost reached to the floor.[2]

Her garments of choice were short-sleeved robes cut to expose the intricate golden tattoos that covered her hands, arms, legs, neck and face. These tattoos were not just decorative works of art but powerful geoglyphs. One of these tattoos contained the magic of the lifeproof spell. The geoglyphs would flash gold and red light when actively protecting Tisan.[2] One of Tisan's hand geoglyphs was used to summon an incredibly strong earth monolith.[3]


Tisan wore nine pieces of ornate golden jewelry. Each piece was worth over 5,000 gp and several of them were enchanted.[2]

Tisan collected many magic items during her centuries of existence including a phylactery of long years, a talisman of protection +5, bracers of defense AC2, a talisman of force, three different ioun stones, a ring of human influence, a rod of smiting, and a scarab of terror.[1]

She also penned the Kitab al-Asfr during her rise to power, a scroll-shaped book containing many earth-related spells.[4]


Tisan was born 900 years ago, as of 1367 DR,[note 1] to one of the ruling families of the geomancers in the now dead empire of Kadar.[5] Her given name was Balshareska. As with all nobles at the time, she was trained as a priest of Grumbar, though her inherent talent for politics and intrigue eventually led her to study at the Imperial College of Geomancy to complete her wizardly training. Through a combination of intimidation, coercion and treachery, she earned the title of Tisan, Ruler of the Supreme Council[note 2] within 50 years. She went to great lengths to conceal her true name after reaching the Supreme Council.[2]

Her greatest mistake during this time was underestimating the invading enlightened barbarians from the west. One of these barbarians, Suhail min Zann and his Lions of Yesterday defeated the Geomancers on many occasions. Despite her greatest efforts Tisan was unable to directly harm Suhail, so she corrupted his brother Ashtarek instead. Tisan eventually killed Ashtarek outside of the gates of Tadabbur with ghastly magic that would not allow his brother to resurrect him.[2] Though Tisan's power was great, equal to the combined might of the other eight members of the Nine Council,[6] Suhail eventually drove Tisan into the bowels of Tadabbur where he was able to imprison her within her own fortress.[2][6]


Tisan's familiar and chief lieutenant was a cornugon named Malakir. Malakir was trapped in stasis with Tisan in her laboratory.[2]

Tisan's "pet" was a large earth elemental called Keskeg.[2]



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.
  2. The Adventure Book for Ruined Kingdoms clearly states that Tisan led the "Supreme Council", but the information presented in the Campaign Guide on the "Nine Council" leads the reader to believe this is the same organization.