Titans were the largest of the giant race, standing even taller than cloud or storm giants. In the social order of giants, they are ranked highest on the Ordning, above all other giants, giant-kin, and ogres.[citation needed]

They should not be confused with the Dawn Titans, or primordials (although the punishment for the arrogance that lead to the creation of the Sea of Fallen Stars may very well be a confusion between the titans and the Dawn Titans).[citation needed]


Titans resembled large, muscular humans who typically lacked facial hair.[5]


Some titans were capable of becoming invisible at will, as well as levitating and/or become ethereal at least twice a day. Many of them were also capable spellcasters or psionics.[5]


Titans typically wielded a huge warhammer but also carried javelins to throw. Although they weren't mages, Titans had numerous spell-like abilities such as holy smite, meteor swarm, and chain lightning.[1]



Titans primarily dwelled on planes other than the Prime Material,[3] such as Arborea[1] and Warrior's Rest.[4] Though they were on rare occasions encountered on the Prime Material. When there they often collected treasure of some sort.[3]


As inhabitants of the Outer Planes, titans were often known to be capable of speaking the Abyssal and Celestial language. Many were also known to speak Draconic,[1] Common, and all six dialects of the Giant language.[5]


Out out of all the giant races, titans were the most amicable towards storm giants due to their disposition.[5]

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