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Titivilus was an archdevil in the service of Dispater.[5][1]


Titivilus resembled a 5.5‑foot-tall (1.7‑meter) satyr with pale skin and bat-like wings.[5]



Titivilus was among the weaker archdevils, but he was exceptionally intelligent and clever. He was highly skilled at twisting words and causing confusion.[5]

Titivilus was capable of using a number of spells at will, including animate dead, bestow curse, charm person or mammal, chaos, emotion, forget, fumble, illusion, hypnotism, illusionary script, know alignment, message, misdirection, non-detection, polymorph self, protection of good, suggestion, teleport, tongues, and ventriloquism; he could also cast feeblemind and symbol of discord once per day, and cause fear with a single touch.[5]


Titivilus was said to possess a silver sword of wounding.[5]


Part of Titivilus’s prominence in the Hells stems from whom he serves. All know Dispater to be a paranoid lord, sequestering himself away behind endless iron corridors, nasty traps, and terrifying minions. He rarely, if ever, leaves his tower, and when he does, it’s to descend into his city, Dis. Instead, he relies heavily on Titivilus to see to his interests. This grants this ambitious fiend uncanny responsibility, putting him in charge of far worthier dukes such as Arioch the Avenger and even Dispater’s consort Lilis. He is the gatekeeper and those who would treat with the Lord of the Second must deal with Titivilus.
— The Book of Fire[3]

Titivilus was the nuncio of Dispater.[5]



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