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Tlanchass, or Hailstorm, was a gold dragon, and once the consort of Archveult Tattercloak.[1][2]


Tlanchass sometimes took the guise of a beautiful human woman.[3][4] She'd taken this habit sometime before 681 DR.[1][2]


Tlanchass and Archveult Tattercloak, then a student of the Seven Mages, departed Myth Drannor in the Year of the Zombie Lords, 681 DR, flying out of Sixstars Intersection on Greengrass. She revealed her true form there.[1][2]

As of the Year of the Deep Moon, 1294 DR, Archveult was known to live with her, and she was known to lair somewhere in The Vast, within a network of caverns that contained some shallow water, with an entrance hidden in the basement of what resembled a lonely cabin. After Archveult's death fighting an unknown dragon, she spent a day mourning his death over the city of Raven's Bluff; the tears she shed became the Tears of the Dragon. At dusk, she left for the west, and was never seen again; her hoard was still unfound as of the late 14th century DR.[3][4]

Afterwards, she was said to have taken up residence in Evermeet, per Elminster.[3] Other sources corroborated this datum.[5]



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