Lady Tlassian Telina Silberhaar was a dragonborn of Tymanther and the matriarch of Clan Tlassian in 1479 DR.[1]


Telina was considered one of the most accomplished military commanders of Tymanther of her time and a successful dragon-slayer by her peers.[1]

During the elections for the Vanquisher of the 1477 to 1487 DR period, Telina was one of the strongest candidates for the position. However, Telina declined her candidature and supported Kepeshkmolik Tarhun instead. Telina became the matriarch of her clan afterwards.[1][note 1]

Thanks to her leadership, Clan Tlassian soon improved its status in Thymari society and cemented its ties with the military structure of Tymanther.[1]



  1. According to Ashes of the Tyrant (page 300), a patriarch or matriarch of a clan cannot be made candidate for the Vanquisher title. That means that Telina became the matriarch of Clan Tlassian after the elections.


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