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The Toadsquat Mountains, or the Little Mountains, formed the northern border of Luiren in the Shining South in 1367 DR.[1]


This mountain range was infested with ogres. Attracted by the mountain's rich silver deposits, dwarves helped clear some of the ogre tribes in the east to gain access to mines.[1] The western Toadsquats were known to be full of goblins that harried the trade roads around Delzimmer.[3][4] Rage drakes were also commonly found as far south as the Toadsquats.[5] Criosphinxes were also sometimes encountered in the region.[6]

Post Spellplague[]

The Toadsquat Mountains were slumped alongside the Beastlands' southern shore. Among their secrets, the fortress of Castle Al'hanar,[7] which resided on the west bank of Blood Lake.

Rumors & Legends[]

The magical greatsword Chalsembyr's Heart was lost somewhere in the Toadsquat Mountains when its owner Bertold the Seeker, a paladin of Torm, and his party were ambushed by ogres.[8]

It was rumored that a large cache of magic was buried or stored deep beneath the western Toadsquats, particularly beneath the peaks known as Klauntra's Leap, the Wyrmlar, and Liontlefang. An alchemist from Klionna, living in Delzimmer circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, named Urngath Dorrund apparently believed this rumor enough to pay mercenaries to round up goblins from the area, thinking their blood had magical properties because they drank from mountain springs that welled up through this store of magic.[3][4]



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