Tobin, also known as Tobin Tok Tor, was a goliath warrior and a member of Corvus Nightfeather's Circus of Wonders.[1]


Like most goliaths, Tobin was much taller and heavier than a human.[1]


Although Tobin formerly played the strongman role, he always wanted to play the clown, a role he was able to pursue when Cephas joined the circus.[1]


Tobin used a great mattock in battle.[1]


Tobin was found by Corvus wandering in the mountains after he had been kicked out of his tribe for not being a fierce warrior.

He participated in Corvus' rescue of Cephas and traveled with Cephas to Almraiven, where he was attacked by renegade members of the Firestorm Cabal and magically teleported to Calimport.

In Calimport, he was forced to fight in the arena, where he lost all six of his fights, though he survived. When his friends Cynda and Shan were about to fight each other in the arena, he used his clown routine to keep the crowd entertained long enough for Cephas to remove the magical stone that kept the Pasha's palace in the air. The arena crowd panicked when they saw the palace descending toward the arena and Tobin, Shan, and Cynda were able to escape.[1]


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