Tomalass Blountrae was a rich merchant who had a seat on the Council of Lords in the city of Ravens Bluff during the late 14th century DR. He earned his wealth in shipping, by buying space on cargo ships, arranging for cargo exchanges, and conveying the more high-demand goods to areas that were experiencing shortages.[1]


Known for his even-keeled personality and calculating demeanor, Tomalass Blountrae was skilled at assessing potential profits and losses from any given business opportunity or financial situation.[1]


After decades in the shipping business, Blountrae used his vast fortune to dominate the sail and canvas-work trades throughout the Dragon Reach. Around the year 1370 DR, he began to purchase a large amount of land around the roads that led into nearby Tantras. Many in the Bluff, including some of his fellow merchants, believed he had sights on the city itself, though they didn't know to what end.[1]



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