A tooth of Torm was a particularly unique type of magical dagger crafted by the church of Torm, often used to guard the caches and treasure stores of their temples.[1]


This +2 dagger had a blade of silver that never tarnished, chipped or lost its keen edge or sharp point.[1]


When held, a tooth of Torm granted its bearer improved sight, allowing them to know alignment and see invisibility at a range of 60' (18.3 m). It also illuminated the auras that surrounded the dweomers of enchanted and other magical items.[1]

Unlike other daggers, the tooth was not used in battle. Rather it was commanded to blink away and independently strike out at foes, within a range of 30' (9.1 m) away from its bearer. It could only be commanded in this way by the most upstanding individuals and would actually sear the flesh of any evil and deranged beings with which it came into contact.[1]

A tooth of Torm could be used to guard an object or location. If the bearer held the tooth in the air and uttered the command word "guard", the dagger floated in the air indefinitely, until the protected area was disturbed. The presence of the dagger's commander, similarly-aligned Tormish devotees or extraplanar creatures did not cause the tooth to strike. A number of the daggers could be commanded to guard a single object or location (and were often in a ring high above the ground); the guarding effect of the tooth could be readily dispelled, after which it fell harmlessly to the ground.[1]



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