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Topaz dragons were selfish and had an erratic personality which made them dangerous to deal with.[1]


Topaz dragons breathed a cone of dehydration.[7]



Topaz dragons were most commonly found in the Elemental Chaos but sometimes live in lairs on secluded beaches on the Prime Material Plane.[1]

In the Unapproachable East, topaz dragons could be found around the coastal regions of Aglarond.[8]

Notable Topaz Dragons



Dungeon #64: "Grotto of the Queen"
Queen of the Depths


  1. Tyrangal, also known as Gaulauntyr, is described as a topaz dragon in her first appearance, the article "Wyrms of the North: The Thief Dragon" in Dragon #240 (p. 77–81). Subsequent appearances in the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (p. 220) and the novel The Edge of Chaos describe her as a copper dragon. Gaulauntyr's entry in Dragons of Faerûn (p. 150) lists her as "topaz (copper)", presumably to avoid arbitrating the conflict. As Gaulauntyr was known to disguise herself using illusions, it is possible the early topaz dragon appearance can be attributed to that. For the purposes of this wiki, Tyrangal/Gaulauntyr is considered to be a copper dragon in accordance with our canon policy.


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