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House Toporello was a respected old mercenary company and noble family of the city-state of Sumbria in the Blade Kingdoms. The Toporellos maintained a small army of troops, granting the leader of the House the title of Blade Captain and the privilege to vote in Sumbria's Blade Council.[1][2]

Base of Operations[]

House Toporello had its own insignia and distinct colors that decorated the soldiers' uniforms and the Toporello family palace. It was the mansion home and the base of House Toporello, located in the city-state of Sumbria. The sizable mansion was topped with a pepperbox turret, copper roofing, and shaped like a hollow square, like many other mansions of the Blade Kingdoms. It was defended by crossbowmen atop its battlements and soldiers patrolling the mansion's courtyards with their loyal hounds. Hippogriff cavalry and traps could also be seen defending the noble family home. A small army of servants and cleaners always swarmed the halls of the Toporello family palace.[2]


The Toporello family heirloom was an antique horse bridle studded with star sapphires. The item was defended by traps and an army of and mercenaries in 1217 DR, when Sumbria was plagued by a series of burglaries committed by Tekorriikii, a kleptomaniac firebird.[2]


House Toporello was a fiercely loyal ally and follower of House Mannicci, the ruling family of the 13th century DR.[3] Like many other Blade Captains, House Toporello owned at least one Gens D'Or, a mighty giant metallic horse made of blackened bronze.[4]


In the Year of the Falling Moon, 1217 DR, House Toporello was burglarized by a greedy firebird who learned that where there were many guards, there were many glorious, glittery, shiny baubles. As Orlando Toporello slept hugging a wooden box, Tekorriikii found a way into the mansion by clawing through the copper sheet metal roofing and entering the Blade Captain's bedroom. The bird managed to steal the antique horse bridle without Old Toporello waking up.[2]

The summer of the same year, House Toporello accompanied the Prince-elect Cappa Mannicci da Sumbria into the "white war", a bloodless competition of wits, between Sumbria and Colletro. The conflict was over the ownership of the lush Valley of Umbricci. Sumbria won the conflict to the disdain of a Blade Captain of Colletro, Ugo Svarézi.[5]

As per tradition, the "white war" of 1217 DR was followed by the famous resplendent Festival of Blades. House Toporello participated in the revelries. Orlando Toporello, his anti-thievery committee, and his daughter were present at the Palace of Manniccis in Sumbria during the famous, scandalous unveiling of The Sea Goddess Rising from the Weaves painting gifted to Sumbria by the city-state of Lomatra.[6]

Ugo Svarézi hatched a diabolic plan of betrayal and the use of innovative deadly scientific weapons to disturb the Blade Kingdoms and take power for himself. The Blade Captain manipulated Colletro and Sumbria into an open and bloody war, orchestrating the destruction of the Mannicci's troops and the loss of the ruling family's powers. Three days later, the Blade Council of Sumbria cast their votes to elect a new Prince, leaving loyal Orlando Toporello disgusted with the Council's opportunism. He announced House Toporello's withdrawal from Sumbria and returning to its roots as an independent mercenary company. Three smaller Houses followed the old nobleman's lead and withdrew from the Blade Council.[3]


  • Orlando Toporello: also known as Old Toporello, was the leader of House Toporello circa 1217 DR.[2]



The Council of Blades


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