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The Torm domain fell under the auspices of the god Torm[1] and some deities allied to him.[2]


The domain of Torm represented the concepts of duty, loyalty, truthfulness, and perseverance in pursuit of what was right. Clerics in the service of Torm or one of his allies were holy champions willing to seek justice in an unjust world, and always acted with honor toward those who have none. They did not seek the approval of their gods, as their only goal was to preserve law and morality.[1]


Power of Torm Domain[]

Any divine caster who worship a god of the Torm domain could not be forced to attack their allies, even if their enemies used magical means, such as charm effects. In addition, their healing spells also bolstered the resilience of their targets.[1]

Channel Divinity[]

To use the divinity of the Torm domain one must have been able to channel divinity and worship a deity of the domain. Those who fulfilled these requirements could cast the outmaneuver spell.[1]




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