The once whom hold domain over the tainted domain of torment are the lord of nessus Asmodeus and the whiling whip Loviatar. The Supreme ruler of the nine hells torments the damned in his hells, with torture he breaks adversaries and impose his will upon them, or as a punishment for enemies whom are captured by his minions. The twisted torment met at the hands of the maiden of pain and followers carers with it a small sliver of kindness or tricks of desire. They find this brings in the full embodiment of pain, Loviatar brings tormented pain trough ice,fire and of course the whip.[1]



Power of Torment DomainEdit

Any divine caster who worships a god of the torment domain may use it to channel the power of the deity. As a Divine caster choses the domain she will become more intimidating also, when they use a power of the domain that will hit a target, as it hits the target it will become a easier target to strike for the next attacking ally. The powers of the domain are:
Ardent strike
Astral seal
Overwhelming strike
Mantle of the infidel

Perfect Torment DivinityEdit

To use the divinity of the torment domain one must have the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster has this it gains the ability to use Perfect torment

Perfect TormentEdit

Your twisted prayer channels the divinity of the torment domain to extend the torture of your foes as they are weakened to effects. [2]




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