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The torment domain was a deity domain that was often associated with evil deities. Mortals associated with such a domain would pray to their deity for powers to endure pain and face trouble head on.[1][2]



Asmodeus was associated with this domain as he tormented denizens of the Nine Hells, using it to impose his will upon others and tear down his captured opponents. Loviatar, also reveled in torment. Given her name, the Maiden of Pain delivered pain through the whip, as well as the elements of ice and fire.[2]


Those who worship torment domain deities became more intimidating. They also gained the powers: ardent strike, astral seal, overwhelming strike, and mantle of the infidel.[1]

Praying to their deity during combat activated perfect torment, which prolonged the suffering of nearby enemies. Each of the affected enemies would be more susceptible to incoming effects.[1]




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