The torque of faith was a magical item holy to the church of Tymora.


Around Kythorn of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, the torque of faith was to be transported to The Lady's Favor, a newly built temple of Tymora in the hamlet of Sevenecho in the Vast. This was done in secret so as not to attract thieves. However, the Vipers bandits attacked the convoy anyway, massacred its guardians, and looted its wealth, including the torque. This was carried back to their hideout, the Vipers' Nest, and stored along with the rest of their loot.

The Tymoran superiors at the temple in the city of Procampur were outraged at the theft. They granted Randolph dul Umast, high priest of The Lady's Favor, permission to recover the torque of faith at all costs. To this end, Randolph hired the ranger Dura Gerathu to locate the Vipers' Nest.

When, on the 1st Eleint, one of the hamlet's wells was poisoned, Randolph was guided by Tymora to link the poisoning to the Vipers. He sought adventurers to seek the poison ingredients or a cure, and return the torque of faith if they found it.


At first glance, torque of faith resembled nothing more than a plain and ordinary golden torque. However, closer examination revealed that it was fashioned entirely from gold coins of different sizes. They interlocked so closely that the torque appeared almost seamless.

For its gold content and craftsmanship alone, the torque of faith was valued at 700 gp on the open market. However, the church of Tymora considered it priceless.


The torque of faith possessed no magical aura that could be sensed with a spell of detect magic. It also exhibited no powers or effects if worn by an ordinary person. It was only when worn by a priest of Tymora that it displayed its magic, and radiated a faint, golden glow that was barely visible in daylight.

When worn, the torque enabled a priest of Tymora to use their luck powers as often as desired, and boosted such luck.

The powers of the torque were a closely guarded secret among the Tymoran priesthood.[1]


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