The Tortured Land was an area of land in the Moonsea region which was formed by ancient lava flows that were then carved by flowing ice. Giant stone pillars, like teeth, smoothed by the wind jutted out from the landscape. Strange monsters chased small animals but the only other inhabitants seemed to be the bats that laired in the few caves of the area.

3000 years before the Era of Upheaval, dwarves mined the metal deposits that were to be found but they were exiled to the Novularond. Only four members of the clan survived and they went on to found the Innugaakalikurit clan.

During the Era of Upheaval the majority of the Tortured Land was occupied by flind-led gnoll tribes. The ruins of a forgotten city known as Frozen Flindyke to bards, could have once been a bastion of civilization for these gnolls in times past or could have been the home of a settlement of humans, surrounded by the gnolls. The truth was lost to the sands of time but the shamans of Yeenoghu who ruled over the gnolls and flinds were said to have been descended from those who summoned the Trio Nefarious that aided in the fall of Myth Drannor.