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Tostyn Alaerthmaugh was a mercury dragon living in the Evermoors in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Tostyn usually liked to wander around the area more than remain in his lair.[1]


During the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, during a trip to the High Forest, Tostyn was attacked by two very young green dragons who'd succumbed to madness. He killed one and injured the other and later retreated to his lair with a severe injury.[1]


Tostyn was curious, proud, and reckless. He was totally unpredictable, changing ideas at any moment. Sometimes he fought larger dragons only to abandon the fight soon after.[1]


Tostyn's unpredictability made it hard for him to have friends. Circa 1374 DR, his only friend was the sorcerer pseudodragon Laeralyn, whom he saved from the black dragon Cheleen in the High Moor. During the Rage, unknown to him, Tostyn gained an enemy in the green dragon Chloracridara, who wanted vengeance for the death of one of her offspring and the wounding of the other.[1]


Tostyn's hoard was full of strange curiosities from all around the Realms, like a mummified beholder,[1] a lich's coffin he was unable to open (but holding the lich Anthilar),[1][2] a green dragon skeleton in a Nimbrali glass armor, many kinds of strange golems and automatons, and many other strange things. In his wanderings, Tostyn sometimes helped adventurers, chased wyverns, destroyed pirate ships, or simply dodged among the storm clouds.[1]


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