Tower Reilloch was a tower on the northern coast[1] of the island of Evermeet and home to Araevin Teshurr and the Circle of Reilloch Domayr.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

It was guarded by the Queen's Guards since the attack on the island in 1371 DR.[2] The tower was of stone construction with battlements and was surrounded by fir and spruce trees.[3]

Interior[edit | edit source]

Great hall
The great hall had doors of blueleaf wood bound with mithral, and a dome of mithral and theurglass on top. It was the usual meeting place of the Circle of Reilloch Domayr.[2]
The conservatory occupied the whole of the upper floor of the gatehouse and had high ceilings, an oak floor, and paneled walls of cherry, carved with scenes of sylvan creatures. It was normally used as a bardic recital hall.[4]
The vaults of the Tower contained many rare and precious artifacts and magical devices. Some vaults were deep in the Tower's foundations, but others existed only in extradimensional spaces. The most valuable and dangerous items were stored in vaults protected by lethal traps.[5]
Nandiyerron's Armory
The armory was built by the archmage Nandiyerron circa 374 DR (a thousand years before 1374 DR). It lay underneath the Tower, behind an iron and adamantine door. It contained one of the three shards of the Gatekeeper's Crystal until it was stolen in an attack in 1374 DR, when Eldest Philaerin was slain in its defense.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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