The Tower of Zephyros was a floating tower belonging to the cloud giant wizard Zephyros in the late 15th century DR.[1]


The Tower of Zephyros was hundreds of feet tall,[2] and rested on a magically solid cloud. The spire of the tower was shaped like a pointed wizard's hat.[1]


The interior of the Tower of Zephyros comprised three stories, each built to gigantic proportions and filled with giant-sized furniture. Each story was connected by a 20-foot-wide (6.1 meters) hole in the ceiling/floor.[3]

The first floor contained the giant's sitting room, while the second contained his bedchambers and the navigation orb that Zephyros used to control the movement of the tower. The third floor of the tower was an open-air aerie. Several griffons made their home in this level.[3]


Some time during the late 15th century DR, the tower was visited by a detachment of cultists from the Cult of the Howling Hatred in an attempt to recruit Zephyros to its causes.[3]

A matter of days later, Queen Waybeard of Mithral Hall sent the silver dragon Clarion and a Lords' Alliance strike team to attack the tower.[4]



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