The Tower of the Masked Mage was a temple to Vhaeraun in Sshamath.[2]


Sshamath was a drow city in an Underdark cavern, with the temple hanging from the cavern's roof. It was situated in the Darkwoods district,[2] which was Sshamath's slum.[3]


The city was unique among drow cities in that it wasn't ruled by a clergy but by mages. Vhaeraun, under the alias Masked Mage or Lord of Shadow, was primarily worshiped in his role as the drow patron of shadow magic and spellfilchers. Religion and divine magic weren't viewed highly in the city and the same applied to this temple's faith. Due to this reason, they didn't have many clerics and the majority were rogues and spellfilchers, as well as arcane caster who used the Shadow Weave. The head priest of this temple was Shadow Sorcerer Pharaun Lhalabar who, despite his title, didn't possess any arcane capabilities.[2]


The School of the Shadow Weave was an attempt to get a seat in Sshamath's ruling body.[4][5]

During the Silence of Lolth, Lolth's priesthood lost their powers and Vhaeraun's clerics took the official positions formerly held by Lolth's clergy.[6]

When Vhaeraun died in the course of the War of the Spider Queen, a minority tried to convert to Eilistraee to follow the remainder of their former deity, but they were killed by those who converted to Shar.[7]


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