The Tower of the Rising Moon was the home and seat of power of the Lord of Highmoon in Deepingdale. It was one of the oldest landmarks of the region and its distinct horned towers were a symbol for Deepingdale since its construction, some time around the 11thcentury DR.[1]


The exterior of the tower featured horned towers,[1] and black stone walls. The interior housed a vast atrium, with hanging gardens, and the Starfall Chamber with a massive wooden table, featuring a grand map of the Dalelands carved into its surface.[2]


The tower housed a garrison of guardsmen from the dale.[1] Additionally, it had many non-magical defenses that were concealed from any would-be attackers.[2]


The Tower of the Rising Moon was built in 1022 DR by the half-elf hero Aglauntaras. Despite its defenses, it was noteworthy for never having to repel a serious invasion or assault.[2]



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