The Towers of the Wind was a wizarding academy that was located in the city of Lyrabar within the realm of Impiltur. It was founded by Broargar Iringil, who also served as one of its head instructors. While the Towers of the Wind was described as rather small by spellcasters from across Faerûn, it was seen as superior to the other magical school of the realm, the Moonstone Manse, which was located in the nearby city of Hlammach.[1]


The school specialized in training the mages that served aboard Impilturan merchant-ships, particularly those were assigned to vessels that regularly made the dangerous journeys to Sembia and the city-states of the Moonsea.[1]

Several merchant groups sponsored the education of the towers' mages, including the Five Sails, Brass Coffers and Moonchasers consortiums. They were often guaranteed that the school's graduates served about their ships for a full year, in a form of indentured servitude. The novice mages were grateful for the opportunity, as they were well-paid and received invaluable experience for their time at sea.[1]



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