Trademeet, also known as the City of Merchant's Peace, was a settlement in Amn and the smallest of the region's caravan stops. Due to the Merchant's Peace, all commerce in Trademeet was bound to be carried out honestly and fairly.[1]


Trademeet was located between the Forest of Tethir/Wealdath to the south and the Small Teeth mountains to the north. It was generally considered part of the Small Teeth region of Amn.[5][6]


Trademeet was primarily a caravan stop, with a few agricultural products produced by the estates surrounding the town.[1]

The Trade Way passed north-south through Trademeet, connecting it to Imnescar and eventually Baldur's Gate in the north and Mosstone and eventually Zazesspur in the south.[7][6] The Tethir Road led west to Murann on the coast and east to Riatavin and the Snowflake Mountains.[1][6]


Trademeet was a small town centered around Waukeen's Circle, a prehistoric circle of seven upright stone slabs.[3]


In 223 DR, Trademeet was established as the caravan mustering point for Amn and Tethyr.[8]

In 661 DR, ogres from the Cloud Peaks and Small Teeth ransacked Trademeet and neighboring Imnescar. They were eventually defeated and turned away by the forces of General Rashturl.[9]

On Shieldmeet of 920 DR, Waukeen appeared in Trademeet and established the Merchant's Peace after she saw the dishonesty and bickering of the caravan hub.[1]

In 1369 DR, Trademeet was plagued by animal attacks.[2] In Uktar of that year, exiles from Tethyr (namely the Krimmevol family from Ithmong) arrived in Trademeet before moving elsewhere in Amn.[9]

On Eleasis 19, 1370 DR, Trademeet was ransacked by the ogre forces of the Sythillisian Empire. Much of the town was burned to the ground. More than 60% of the population was killed.[10]


The Seas's Sect of the Shadow Thieves guild was active in Trademeet, as well as in Imnescar, Murann, Velen, and other locations.[11]

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Waukeen's Circle 
A prehistoric circle of seven upright stone slabs located at the center of town.[3]
A three-story manor belonging to Lord Logan Coprith, the mayor of the town.[1]
Vyatri's Pub
Temple of Waukeen

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