The Trading Company was an organization of mercenaries and arms dealers active in the city of Bral.[1]


During the reign of Prince Andru, the Senior Agent for the branch of the Company in Bral was Talosa Baniasan, but he preferred to allow the veteran soldiers to run the training and recruitment of the organization, instead handling the matters of their weapon's inventory and trade.[1]


The Company refused to take political sides, working for whoever paid them but never for multiple sides of a conflict at the same time.[1]

If a war were to break out in Realmspace, they would begin a massive recruiting drive and begin purchasing more weapons and ships.[1]


The Trading Company owned a small number of spelljamming vessels, but it preferred to rent ships when needed. They did, however, maintain a large warehouse for stockpiling weapons,[1] located on the intersection of Dock Street and Grand Street in the Low City of Bral.[2]


Only a small group of veteran mercenaries were permanent members of the Company. These were mostly human fighters, but the group had no racial requirements. Most were armed in chainmail, with halberds and light crossbows. About a quarter were highly skilled in a particular weapon.[1] About half of new recruits were provided with leather armor, a handaxe, and either a pike or longbow, while the other half served as men-at-arms.[3]



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