Trahern of Oakvale was an old druid in charge of the Oakvale, a small forest in the Myrloch Vale in the Moonshae Isles in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


He was proud of his caretaker-ship of the Oakvale.[1]


In 1345 DR,[2] Trahern was corrupted by Kazgoroth in the disguise of a dryad so he could show Grunnarch the Red and his army a safe and fast passage through Myrloch Vale.[1]

After Kazgaroth's defeat, Trahern searched the pond where Kazgaroth fell and recovered a skull-sized black rock—the Heart of Kazgaroth.[3]

A year later, a feral Trahern found his way to the moonwell and Myrloch Vale, which was being tended to by Robyn Kendrick and Genna Moonsinger. The close proximity to the heart caused Genna to fall ill. Robyn took Trahern in, not knowing who he was, cared for him and taught him how to care for the grove. She gave him the name Acorn. After some days, Acorn tried to attack Robyn, who defended herself. In the process, she hit Trahern with her staff, breaking his neck and killing him.[3]



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