Transfix was a spell used by sorcerers, wizards and wu jen in Kara-Tur.[2][1] The spell was very rare outside Kara-Tur.[3]


This spell was a much more powerful version of hold person. When cast, the targeted creature was instantly transfixed in place. The creature was then unable to take any action. The spell was able to affect multiple creatures at once, and if a creature entered this area, they fell under the spell's effect. The caster had to set a condition while casting the spell. As such, this spell had no duration, the spell was in effect until this condition was met by the targeted creature(s). If a creature was physically removed from the area of effect, they were free of the spell.[1][2][3][4]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component. During casting, the caster crushed a barnacle with their foot. A drop of resin from a pine tree was also acceptable.[1][2][3][4]





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