Transport via plants was a transmutation or alteration spell that allowed the caster to enter any sufficiently large plant and jump any distance to another plant of the same species.[3][4][5][8]


The plants in question had to be alive and Medium sized or larger to accommodate the caster and any baggage (up to the caster's carrying capacity).[3][4][5][8] The transmutation version of this spell also allowed other willing creatures and their baggage to be transported as long as they were touching the caster either directly or by daisy chain when he or she entered the plant. The number and size of creatures that could be transported increased with the experience of the caster.[3] The alteration version of this spell did not allow passengers but the caster could take refuge inside either the source or the destination plant for up to 24 hours.[4][5][8]

The caster did not have to pick a specific plant, he or she could specify a direction and a distance and the spell would transport the subject(s) as close as possible to the location.[3][4][5][8] The alteration version of transport via plants was a little error-prone for less experienced druids.[4][5][8] If a particular destination was chosen, the plant had to be alive or the spell fizzled and the caster was ejected from the initial plant (transmutation version)[3] or could stay hidden for up to 24 hours (alteration version).[4][5][8]

This spell did not function on plant creatures (shambling mounds, treants, etc.) and destruction of an occupied plant resulted in the death of the occupants and the ejection of their bodies and baggage.


Only verbal and somatic components were necessary to cast this spell.[3][4][5][8]


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