Treasure Hunt is a "novice" adventure for 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that was later retconned into the Forgotten Realms setting when the generic Korinn Archipelago that the adventure was set in was made a part of the Moonshae Isles.

Marooned on a barren isle...

The island of Viledel, the mighty Sea King, was sacked by a pirate army 60 years ago. Its destruction was so complete that even the location of the island was lost and forgotten. Despite the rumors of immense treasures still hidden in the ruined stronghold, no one ever found the Sea King's island again.

Until now. Through a cruel twist of fate, a small band of unwilling adventurers is washed ashore on a small barren island, and discovers what remains of Viledel's settlement. But they aren't alone; marauding orcs and goblins have found the island too, and are frantically searching for the lost hoard. In this desperate treasure hunt, the real payoff may be survival.

Treasure Hunt is different from other AD&D game adventures. The player characters begin the game at 0 level, without choosing a class, and must work their way up to 1st level. It is perfect for a group of beginning players or experienced players looking for a new and different challenge.


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