Treasures of the Savage Frontier is a Dungeons and Dragons computer game set in the Forgotten Realms. It was developed by Stormfront Studios and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. and WizardWorks for the Amiga and DOS. A sequel to Gateway to the Savage Frontier, it continues exploration of the Savage Frontier.


A few weeks after the events of Gateway to the Savage Frontier, Amelior Aminitas magically summons the Heroes of Ascore to eliminate the last remaining troops of the Zhentarim from the dwarven city of Llorkh.

Afterwards, the party is given a seemingly simple mission—to protect ambassadors of the "Lord's Alliance", which holds together the different cities of the frontier. However, the ambassadors are kidnapped; the Zhentarim and its allies, the Kraken Society, and the Hosttower of the Arcane plot to break up the alliance in order to conquer the region; and the party is framed as traitors.

Much of the game is devoted to having the players attempt to clear their names, usually done by completing a mission in each town of the Lord's Alliance, and alert the alliance's leaders of the plot. The final mission, which does not necessarily fit in the overall plotline, involves retrieving a treasure held by a dragon.

To uncover the plot, the player has to collect two different sets of items:

  • Three different colors of crystals held by one of the three enemy groups, the Zhentarim, the Kraken Society and the Hosttower. This can only be done by, in melee battles, carefully selecting and attacking different enemies in the right order.
  • "Lucky papers" from each city in the game. Nominally good luck charms, when combined with the crystals, these papers spell out the entire enemy plot.


Treasures of the Savage Frontier allows characters up to level 12. Depending on the player character's actions, certain non-player characters can fall in love with them. The game allows the option to utilize allied forces, which increases the number of combatants.

The game's principal technical enhancement to the aging Gold Box engine is the addition of weather to wilderness play. Combat encounters in the snow restrict character movement and add variety to the game.



Captain RedlegPrincess JagaerdaOugo
AmanitasCaptain SuljackCortarraDaurauyn RedbeardElastul RaurymatErekGauhok SteelfistGhoghFreezefireFroelHaeromos DothwintylJarbarkasJasperKampfultsLord GeildarrLord NasherMalchor HarpellMilzorrRabgarRaurymSiulajiaTranjer RolskTulgar WighttsonWaterbaron of YartarWimeg


Aquatic elfBansheeBeholderBuletteCarrion crawlerCloud giantCockatriceCyclopskinDriderDwarfEfreetiEttinFire ElementalHarpyHell houndGhoulGiantGorgimeraeGreenhagGriffonIce HoundIron golemKampfultKrakenManticoreMargoyleMummyOrcOgreOtyughPurple wormRed dragonRemorhazSpecterUmber hulkUndeadVampireVilstrakWightWraithYetiZombie


Buildings & Sites
Lord Geildarr's Keep • Tower of Twilight
Inns & Taverns
Rutting Duck • Way Inn • The Captains' Court
High RoadLong RoadEvermoor Way
AurilssbargBjorn VillageDaggerfordFarr WindwardFireshearIce Wolf VillageLeilonLlorkhLongsaddleLoudwaterLuskanMintarnMirabarNeverwinterOrlumborPort LlastRuathymSecomberTriboarWaterdeepYartar
Ice PeakHellgate Keep
FrozenfarHigh ForestSavage FrontierSea of SwordsSword Coast NorthTrackless Sea


Magic items
ring of cold resistancecrown of Amanitasring of fire resistancerod of stone to fleshrod of strikingwand of ice stormwand of lightning
Bestow CurseBlessBlinkBurning HandsCause BlindnessCause Critical WoundsCause DiseaseCause Light WoundsCause Serious WoundsCharm MonsterCharm PersonCloudkillCone of ColdConfusionCure BlindnessCure Critical WoundsCure DiseaseCure Light WoundsCure Serious WoundsCurseDispel EvilDetect InvisibilityDetect MagicDimension DoorDispel MagicEnlargeEntangleFaerie FireFearFeeblemindFind TrapsFireballFire ShieldFire TouchFlame StrikeFriendsFumbleHasteHold MonsterHold PersonIce StormInvisibilityInvisibility to AnimalsIron SkinKnockLightning BoltMagic MissileMinor Globe of InvulnerabilityMirror ImageNeutralize PoisonPoisonPrayerProtection from EvilProtection from GoodProtection from Normal MissilesRaise DeadRay of EnfeeblementRead MagicRemove CurseResist ColdResist FireShieldShocking GraspSilenceSlay LivingSleepSlowSlow PoisonSnake CharmSpiritual HammerSticks to SnakesStinking CloudStrength




Weapons & Armor
ArrowAwl PikeBanded MailBastard SwordBattleaxeBroad SwordChainmailComposite Long BowComposite Short BowClubDaggerDartElfin ChainFlailHalberdHammerHand AxeJavelinLeather ArmorLight CrossbowLongbowLong SwordMaceMilitary PickPlate MailQuarterstaffRing ArmorScale ArmorScimitarShieldShortbowShort SwordSlingSpearStaff SlingStudded Leather ArmorTrident



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Game CreditsEdit


Beyond Software, Inc.

  • Scenario Design: Mark Buchignani, Don L. Daglow
  • Programming: Cathryn Mataga, Linwood Taylor, Mark Buchignani
  • Technical Design: Cathryn Mataga, Linwood Taylor, Mark Buchignani
  • Music: Linwood Taylor
  • Illustration: Sergio Lobato, David Bunnett
  • Encounter Authors: Mark Buchignani, Don L. Daglow, Mark Manyen, Linwood Taylor

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

  • Producer: George MacDonald
  • Associate Producer: Rick E. White, Jeffrey Shotwell
  • Original Programming: SSI Special Projects Team
  • Original Art: SSI Special Projects Team
  • Testers: Chris Warshauer, Forrest Elam, Thomas MacDevitt
  • Programming: Mark Buchignani, Cathryn Mataga
  • Level / Scenario Design: Mark Buchignani, Don L. Daglow
  • Graphics / Artwork: David Bunnett, Sergio Lobato
  • Art Director: David Bunnett
  • Producer: George MacDonald
  • Associate Producer: Rick E. White
  • Original System Design and Additional Art: SSI Special Projects Group
  • Writing / Dialogue / Story: Mark Buchignani, Don L. Daglow, Mark Manyen, Linwood Taylor
  • Playtesting: Robert Lupo, Jeffrey Shotwell, Chris Warshauer

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